29 May 2006

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

The extensive cast will be added soon but suffice it to say that the Proctors were played by Iain Glenn and Helen Schlesinger.

Directed by Dominic Cooke
Designed beatufully

Wow. This is the third production I have seen of this play and this one made more sense than the others. It was raw and uncomplicated, humerous and passionate without the hand-wringing.

I sat next to a complete oaf who spoke without whisper to his long suffering companion about the great revelation that had occured to him - hey whaddaya know, it's JUST like the McCarthy thing. This was only after the interval, Before the interval I was entertained by his snores and the rythmic shaking of his wide open legs. I digress.

Despite all this, it was an incredible production. The boards outside said it was 'Glenn best performance of his career' and before entering I just grinned at the damning endictment on his body of work. By the curtain call I could only concur. He used a voice I have never heard from him and it was unholy. You can only imagine how much of a chord that struck with me. He rightfully got a standing ovation.

The set must not go without note. Wonderfully sparse and achingly practical. It's one aim was to serve the play and not the designer's ego.

I should have taken the opportunity to see Smaller in it's last week but I feel I made my deal with the devil and won.