16 October 2006

The Alchemist by Ben Johnson

Subtle, The Alchemist - Alex Jennings
Face, The Housekeeper - Simon Russell Beale
Dol Common - Lesley Manville
Dapper, a clerk - Bryan Dick
Abel Drugger, a Tobacconist - Amit Shah
Sir Epicure Mammon, a Knight - Ian Richardson
Pertinax Surly, a Gamester - Tim McMullan
Tribulation Wholesome, a pastor - Ian Barritt
Ananias, a Deacon - Sam Spurrell
Kastril, the Angry Boy - Tristan Beint
Dame Pliant, his sister - Elisabeth Dermot Walsh
Lovewit, Owner of the House - Julian Curry
and various neighbours

Directed by Nicholas Hytner
Designed by Mark Thompson

at the Olivier Theatre

Don't ask me to enjoy farce but in this case the performances were so good that I could tollerate all the silliness and as farces go, this was moderately clever. Great set given the nature of the door opening circus but I will have to say I saw it out of duty more than anything else. Can't miss Simon Russell Beale when he's in town, can you?

In my defence, I got the ticket on a cheapie standby because I was already in the auditorium to see Brenda Blethyn do a platform discussion. Hmmmmm

01 October 2006

Pianoforte by Terry Johnson

Caterina - Nuria Benet
Clifford - Oliver Cotton
Juan - Sebastian Gonzalez
Louise - Kelly Reilly
Dawn - Natalie Walter
Ray - Danny Webb
Abigail - Alicia Witt

Diercted by Terry Johnson
Designed by - Mark Thompson

Seen in it's premiere run at the Royal Court Downstairs

Hmmm - a rambling effort with lovely performances excepting Kelly Reilly who was so hammy. I really wanted her to be wonderful and though her body was magnificent, her performance was just too laboured and loud. Alica was amazing.