01 June 2006

Smaller by Carmel Morgan

Dawn French - Bernice Clulow
Alison Moyet - Cath Clulow
June Watson - Maureen Clulow

Directed by Kathy Burke
Designed by Jonathan Fensom

at the Lyric Theatre during the last week of it's first run

Staaggering awful. Tired old story about two sisters - one with a sad but proudly perceived as glamorous career in Spanish resort cabaret....the other very long suffering teacher and 'widowed, handicapped mother' carer. She eventually dies and the sister spat and make up. Totally insulted by this rubbish.

There were a few (and only a few) laughs, some great singing for which the lyrics weren't half as clever as the company thought they were.

In a final note of disgust the running time was supposed to be 1hr 50 Mins with a 20 minute interval. What's the point? If a play is only 90 minutes long why bother with an interval and prolong the torture. This entire production was all about commercial enterprise. With any other cast the auditorium would have been empty. As it was, I was surround my loud course coach parties bellowing like cows from row to row.