17 September 2006

In Extremis by Howard Brenton

Abelard - Oliver Boot
Heloise - Sally Bretton
Bernard of Clairvaux - Jack Laskey
Fulbert - Fred Ridgeway
Denise - Pascale Burgess
William of Champeaux - John Bett
Louis IV - Colin Hurley
Alberic - Patrick Brennan
Lotholf - William Mannering
Helen, 1st Woman - Sheila Reid
Berthode, Nun, Woman - Frances Thorburn
Marie, Courtier, Whore, Nun - Niamh McCann
Francine, 2ns Woman, Courtier, Nun - Rhiannon Oliver
Fulbert’s cousins, students, courtiers, monks, drunker bishops, mad monks - Tas Emiabata, David Hinton, Paul Lloyd, Simon Muller, Tom Stuart

Directed by John Dove
Designed by Michael Taylor

In it's premiere presentation at Shakespeare's Globe.

Joyous production. Wonderful text totally lived up to my expectations.

05 September 2006

Exiles by James Joyce

Richard Rowan - Peter McDonald
Bertha - Dervla Kirwan
Archie - Thomas Grant
Robert Hand - Adrian Dunbar
Beatrice Justice - Marcella Plunkett
Brigid - Aine Ni Mhuiri

Directed by James MacDonald
Designed by Hildegard Bechtler

At the Cottesloe

Well this hasn't had very good critical aclaim but I'm glad I saw it. The female characters are under-developed and I've seen Adrian Dunbar in better roles but I did love that 'only from an Irish writer' indulgence of studying the nature of human relationship at such leisure. Something of the discourse reminded me of Total Eclipse but that may just be my hazy memory.

Peter and Dervla were intoxicating and I adored Marcella's wardrobe!