27 October 2007

Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet

Shelly Levene - Jonathan Pryce
John Williamson - Peter McDonald
Dave Moss - Matthew Marsh
George Aaronow - Paul Freeman
Richard Roma - Aiden Gillen
James Lingk - Tom Smith
Baylen - Shane Attwooll

Directed by James Macdonald
Designed by Anthony Ward

seen during it's run at the Apollo, Shaftesbury Avenue G5

This piece hits the ground running and never stops. I'd forgotten how short it is - 35 plus 45 mins. That's 20 minutes shorter than the film. Wonderful characters for most of the cast to get their teeth into and so intense for many of them. One of those plays you should really experience live and with this cast. it's a real joy.

20 October 2007

Emperor Jones by Eugene O'Neill

Native Woman - Corinne Skinner Carter
Henry Smithers, a trader - John Marquez
Brutus Jones - Paterson Joseph
Witch Doctor - Dwayne Barnaby
Lem - Yemi Goodman-Ajibade
Ensemble - Adrian Chrostopher, Olivette Cole- Wilson, Brooks Livermore, Rex Obano, Daniel Poyser, Leroy Ricardo-Jones, Jonathan Taylor

Directed by Thea Sharrock
Designed by Robin Don

Seen during it's short run at The Olivier G17

Once a sun-god, now an emperor, Paterson Joseph seems to be in his element and once again, gave so much energy and spectacle. I can't imagine what this would have been link in it's earlier staging. Wonderful piece, fantastically presented.

I have no idea how much the rest of the cast were paid but they walked on for no more than five minutes and there were around 28 of them who I am not going to list anytime soon.

Moonlight & Magnolias by Ron Hutchinson

David O Selznick - Andy Nyman
Citor Flemming - Steven Pacey
Ben Hecht - Duncan Bell
Miss Poppenghul

Directed by Sean Holmes
Designed by Francis O'Connor

During it's run at the Tricycle

Brilliant in every area. Wonderful little set in that tiny space. Utterly energetic, tight performances of a wonderful script. This will undoubtedly transfer to the West End.

09 October 2007

Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco in a Martin Crimp translation

Housewife/Monsieur Jean's wife - Jacqueline Defferaray
Grocer Woman/Madam Beouf -Alwyne Taylor
Jean - Jasper Britton
Berenger - Benedict Cumberbatch
Waitress - Claire Prempeh
Grocer Man/Dudard -Pal Chahidi
Old Gentleman/Monsieur Papillon - Graham Turner
Locigian - Michael Begley
Boss of Cafe/A Fireman - David Hinton
Daisy - Zawe Ashton
Botard - Lloyd Hutchinson

Directed by Dominic Cooke
Designed by Anthony Ward

Seen at the Royal Court Downstairs
on the Cast & Crew after show talk night B13

Celeb in the audience: Ben Miles

Deliciously absurd, funny, adroit and in my face (because my seat was too near the front).......... clever set that was approached in a similar way to the theatre of the absurd we saw in the Donmar earlier. The rhinoceros heads were very, very effective. The arc of the central character's journeys must have been a joy for the actors to get their teeth into.

If it wasn't such a crazy time of year I would try to see this again.........

Some really interesting info here.

06 October 2007

Fragments by Samuel Beckett

Actors: Jos Houben, Kathryn Hunter & Marcello Magni

Performing: Rough for Theatre 1
Act without Words II
Come and Go

Directed by Peter Brook

Seen at the Young Vic

Celebs in the audience: Alan Rickman and Anna Ford
(but not together)

I really jumped through hoops to get this ticket but in the end, I'm not sure if I was as enthralled as I had hoped. How many more chances will I get to see Peter Brook at work though?

On the face of it, the performances were faultless, the pieces sublime and the direction pure but it didn't give me the thrill I had anticipated.