20 May 2006

Chatroom by Enda Walsh

Matt Smith - William
Javone Prince - Jack
Matti Houghton - Eva
Andrea Riseborough - Emily
Andrew Garfield - Jim
Naomi Bentley - Laura

Directed by Anna Mackmin
Designed by Jonathan Fensom

In the Cottesloe at National on one of the few occassions when all three plays were performed in one evening.

........and this month's prop will be:- the plastic mould chair

Chatroom was the first of three short productions for young people staged at the Cottesloe tonight and it hit thre ground running.

We witness verbal representations of internet chatrooms local to Chiswick (which is a little odd given it's the World Wide Web but it is essential to serve the process of the story). This is so clever because within a few short sentances we seem to be fully acquainted with the indivudual characters and their personality strengths and traits. Performances are so good and the writing is intelligent and respectful of it's audience. A Bennet in the making.

Gorgeous in every way and I have to make special mention of Matt Smith and Andrea Riseborough. Ones To Watch.