21 December 2010

Theatre Quiz at the National, Lyttelton

Theatre Quiz: Tate, Gatiss, Russell and Chris vs. Puwanarajah, Lanipekun, Timms and Williams
Emma Freud takes charge of two rival National Theatre companies as they do battle over theatrical knowledge in the annual quiz, assisted by scorer Miranda Hart.

The Teams

The Amazing Ayckbourns

Catherine Tate (Team Captain)

Mark Gatiss

Jenna Russell

Oliver Chris


The Stunning Shakespeares

Prasanna Puwanarajah (Team Captain)

Alex Lanipekun

Joseph Timms

Finty Williams

Running time: 45mins

This was, as ever pure, undiluted fun. Despite the scarcity of my theatre visits this year, I was heartened that I'd clearly managed to be more on top of the scene than I'd given myself credit. Ms Hart was delightful and the teams were gorgeous and entertaining.