17 May 2006

The Changeling by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley
Tom Hiddleston - Alsemero
Jotham Annan - Jasperino
Olivia Williams - Beatrice Joanna
Will Keen - De Flores
David Collings - Vermandero
Jennifer Kidd - Diaphanta
Jim Hooper - Alibius
Tobias Beer - Lollio
Phil Cheadle - Antonio
Philp McGinley - Pedro/Franciscus
Laurence Spellman - Atonzo de Piracquo
Clifford Samuel - Tomazo de Piracquo
Jodie Mcnee - Isabella, Alibius' wife

Directed by Declan Donnellan
Designed by Nick Omerod
Movement by Jane Gibson

At the Barbican with Declan fully indulged in changing the seating configuration!

This performance was preceeded by a talk in the Garden Room with Declan. He is a wonderful man. I hung on his every word and he signed my book.

The downside of this being 'talk night' was that the auditorium was crammed with 'A' Level students who got somewhat over excited. I managed to move to a more sedate part of the theatre after the interval. It was also much nearer.

I loved the set as usual. Gloriously functional and nothing fussy but so graphic. The entire stage area had been gutted so that the wings were just areas without light. The space was enormous even though the seated area was considerably reduced.

The central performances were so good. I think Will Keen stole the show. The mad story was shown in what seemed like an easy contrast but it is often omitted because of the difficulties in including it.

A good night....