22 May 2006

Exonerated by Jessica Blank
& Erik Jensen

Barbara Barnes - Sandra/Sue
Todd Boyce - Gary Gauger
Geff Francis - David Keaton
Aiden Gillen - Kerry Max Cook
William Jay Marshall - Delbert Tibbs
Mike McShane - Jess Tafero
Cecelia Noble - Georgia/Darla
Abdul Salis - Robert Earl Hayes
Kerry Shale - Walter Rhodes
Susannah York - Sunny Jacobs

Directed by Bob Babalan

At the Riverside Studio 2

A touching recitation in the style of "My Name is Rachel Corrie" sharing diaries and testimonials of various people who spent time on Death Row for crimes they did not commit. The Sunny Jacobs story is particularly poignant because her husband was not exonerated before his time to die and in the event there was a huge malfunction in the style of The Green Mile that made his criminal death the most horrific murder.

Unlike Rachel Corrie, there is no set for this and it is essentially a rehearsed reading. This affords them the luxury of having a few higher profile celebrities pitch up and pitch in which is something of a crowd pleaser. I missed some really good people early on but the performances were still very, very good today.