27 May 2006

Product by Mark Ravenhill

Mark Ravenhill - James
Jessica Brooks - Olivia

Directed by Lucy Morrisson
Designed by Mat Ort

at the Royal Court Upstairs straight after Dying City. Only showing for three nights as part of the 50 Year Anniversary

Well, I may be ignorant but the 'designing' consisted of pushing back the sofa from Dying City and putting a couple of chairs and a coffee table in it's place - oh and some scripts and filmy paperwork.

That said - it was a hoot. Mark is a one man self promotion tool so one felt that he was reading from a cartoon version of his own diary. He is a mesmerising guy to watch but one wonders how another actor would have handled it. Thoroughly enjoyable - oh, it's an ego maniac pitching a sick, bad taste movie to a Hollywood starlet. The movie is about a post 9/11 love affair between an active supporter of Al Kaeda and the surviving partner of a twin tower casualty. Yep - that bad taste and that funny!