20 May 2006

Citizenship by Mark Ravenhill

Claire Louise Cordwell - Amy
Sid Mitchell - Tom
Matt Smith - Gary
Robert Boulter - Ray
Farzana Due Elahe - Kerry
Andrea Riseborough - Chantal/Tarot Reader's Daughter
Naomi Bentley - Alicia
Richard Dempsey - De Clerk
Matti Houghton - Melissa
Joy Richardson - Tarot Reader
Alex Tregear - Baby
Javone Prince - Martin

Directed by Anna Mackmin
Designed by Jonathan Fensom

at the Cottesloe

This is the piece I was looking forward to the most so the fact that Chatroom was so good turned out to be a bonus. Citizenship was everything I could expect from Mr Ravenhill. Another case of History Boys feeling but more so than Chatroom because there was also the gay teacher and the boy trying to discover his sexuality. There were not too many young people in the audience (though Mike Leigh was there ) but I feel this would really speak to GCE students.

A real privalidge to see all of these..............