24 May 2006

Phaedra by Frank McGuiness after Racine

Ben Meyjes - Hippolytus
Sean Campion - theramenes
Linda Bassett - Oenon
Claire Higgins - Phaedra
Janet Whiteside - Panope
Marcella Plunkett - Aricia
Lucy-Anne Holmes - Ismene
Michael Feast - Theseus

Directed and designed by Tom Cairns

At the Donmar Warehouse

I am almost willing my next theatrical experience to be a bad one because I keep on staring in wonderment and can only conclude that I have no rational discernment. Once again, tonight I was enraputred.

Ben Meyjes was mezmerising and Claire Higgins lived up to my reason for bothering with the production. I had the last seat in the stall which was way off to the side but it was so comfy and so intimate that I would even consider asking for B41 again.

I adored Linda Bassett and shall watch for Marcella Plunkett in future.