24 January 2007

bash latterday plays by Neil LaBute

Iphigenia in orem
young man - david sturzaker

a gaggle of saints
john - harry lloyd
sue - jodie whittaker

medea redux
woman - juliet rylance

directed by tamara harvey
designed by rob howell - not much effort there though....but clever.
Seat B4 my stage right

hard to dislike anything in this lovely space. tour de force by the cast. a couple of intense monologues and a perfectly balanced banter in the middle. gorgeous. I should write more.....

Celeb in the audience : Neil LaBute !

02 January 2007

Caroline or Change by Tony Kushner

Caroline Thibodeaux - Tonya Pinkins
The Washing Machine - Malinda Parris
The Radio - Roamna Keller, Joy Malcolm, Nataylia Roni
Noah Gellman - Jonny Weldon
The Dryer/The Bus - Clive Rowe
Grandma Gellman - Valda Aviks
Grandpa Gellman - Ian Lavender
Rose Stopnick Gellman - Anna Francolini
Stuart Gellman - Richard Henders
Dottie Moffett - Nora Cole
The Moon - Angela M Caesar
Emmie Thibodeaux - Pippa Bennet-Warner
Mr Stopnick - Hilton McRae
Jackie Thibodeaux - Louis Ekoku
Joe Thibodeaux - Kazim Benson

Directed by George C Wolfe
Designed by Riccardo Hernandez

At the Lyttleton

Standing ovations all around. Musical story about the only house in New Orleans that actually has a basement.......where Caroline, the maid does the laundry for the Gellmans. Takes place around the time of JFK's assassination and shows the effect that had on these families.....and lessons learned.

Oddly enough, none of the songs are really catchy but like Dreamgirls, they are sung with such power that you feel as though you've just heard a classic.

Great sets, good to marvelous performances. Alan Rickman was in the audience with Lindsay Duncan tonight........in the centre of my row. Ron Cook was just behind me. Alan was the first to get out of his seat to applaude.

Celeb in the audience : Alan Rickman, Lindsay Duncan, Ron Cook