06 May 2006

Coriolanus by William Shakespeare

Aedile - Andrew VIncent
Junius Brutus - John Dougall
Cominius - Joseph Marcell
Caius Martius Coriolanus - Jonathan Cake
Titus Lartius - Ciaran McIntyre
Menenius Agrippa - Robin Soans
Sicnius Velutus - Frank McCusker
Valeria - Akiya Henry
Virgilia - Jane Murphy
Volumnia - Margot Leicester
Adrian - Howard Ward
Tullus Aufidius - Mo Sesay
Nicanor - Garry Collins
Senator - Andrew Vincent

Directed by Dominic Dromgoole
Designed by - Mike Britton

The first night of the first season under the artistic direction of Dominic Dromgoole on a balmy summer's evening

I did find this rather hard going. There were some great performances but I made the mistake of starting off in a position where the accoustics made it nearly impossible to hear over the sound of drunken girls clunking their beer cans. It was better when I had the chance to move.

Jonathan Cake is much too pleased with himself and I find him rather repulsive but not in a Jeremy Irons way...... Some of the lesser roles were fantastic. It's a long piece to stand through but a wonderful atmosphere and I might see it again a little further into the production when Mr Pleased has hopefully calmed down a bit.