04 July 2007

Rough Cuts: Airbag by Leo Butler

Cast: Gillian Hanna, Nick Moss, Nicola Walker, Vincent Etagweyo, Frank Asiyai

Directed by Leo Butler and choreographed by Anthony McC Odey
Seen during the Rough Cuts season at the Royal Court Upstairs.

1) Describe the way Airbag made you feel in three words.
Engaged in sorrow
2 ) What idea, line of dialogue or image stood out for you?
The precision of the two dancers when one was in front of the sheet and one behind. Reminded me of Woman & Scarecrow a bit too much.
3) Was there anything in Airbag that made you look at something in a different way or told you something new?
It reminded me of Aboriginal Dreamtime which I had never previously considered in respect of other continents
4) What one suggestion would you make if Airbag was to be developed into a full production.
I think a subject is more easily discussed with the inclusion of humour. Whilst that was present in the dance expression it would be nice to see a little dry humour in the dialogue.
5) Would you come back and see Airbag again, either in further Rough Cuts work or as a full production?