07 July 2007

Rough Cuts:
The Girlfriend Experience by Alecky Blythe

Cast: Debbie Chazen, Beatie Edney, Rachel Lumberg, Jason Barnett

Directed by Joe Hill-Gibbins
Seen during the Rough Cuts season at the Royal Court Upstairs.

We were asked for feedback on these pieces so I think mine will suffice here....

1) Describe the way The Girlfriend Experience made you feel in three words.
Needing a drink.
2 ) What idea, line of dialogue or image stood out for you?
Honestly? I found the performances so overbearing that I didn't engage with the text.
3) Was there anything in The Girlfriend Experience that made you look at something in a different way or told you something new?
4) What one suggestion would you make if The Girlfriend Experience was to be developed into a full production.
A little more time to develop some kind of connection with the characters.
5) Would you come back and see The Girlfriend Experience again, either in further Rough Cuts work or as a full production?
Hmm - that would depend on the cast and whether I thought there would be enough material to sustain a full production.