30 July 2007

The Hothouse by Harold Pinter

Roote - Stephen Moore
Gibbs - Finbar Lynch
Lamb - Leo Bill
Miss Cutts - Lia Williams
Lush - Paul Ritter
Tubb - Henry Woolf
Lobb - Peter Pacey

Directed by Ian RIckson
Designed by Hildegard Bechtler

Seen during it's run at the Lyttleton K12

Not one actor spotted in the audience though I thought maybe Michael Stipe in a fleeting moment

What a joy. I am Pintered in the extreme. We are so lucky to have such amazing directors around at the moment. I sat next to a couple who asked if I had expected a Pinter to be so funny. I was polite, of course but I was aware of pockets in the audience who didn't really understand some of the humour. He can be so deliciously obtuse. All the performances were glorious. I really don't like that space at all but this suited it well.

Wonderful evening. Finbar interview here.