07 July 2007

Rough Cuts: Posh by Laura Wade

Cast: Sebastian Armesto, Andrew Buchan, Nicholas Burns, Pip Carter, Tom Riley, Jay Taylor.

Directed by Lyndsey Turner.
Seen during the Rough Cuts season at the Royal Court Upstairs.

1) Describe the way Posh made you feel in three words.
Amused, poor and sane.
2 ) What idea, line of dialogue or image stood out for you?
The futile destruction of the beloved book.
3) Was there anything in Posh that made you look at something in a different way or told you something new?
Sadly not - all my cliched notions were confirmed :-D
4) What one suggestion would you make if Posh was to be developed into a full production.
It might be tough to maintain the same standard of writing for a much longer piece so I would suggest it remains almost as compact as it currently stands.
5) Would you come back and see Posh again, either in further Rough Cuts work or as a full production?