17 July 2007

Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton

Jack Manningham - Andrew Woodall
Bella Manningham - Rosumund Pike
Nancy - Sally Tatum
Elizabeth - Rowena Cooper
Detective Rough - Kenneth Cranham
First man - Matthew Field
Second Man - Edward Newborn

Directed by Peter Gill and designed by Hayden Griffin.

Seen during it's summer run at the Old Vic. H 15

Celeb in the audience: Adrian Lukis

A wonderful classic story well told. The auditorium was so hot with o air-con so it was a little hard to concentrate at times but the plot was familiar enough to not concern me.

I'm afraid the great Mr Cranham fluffed his lines a few times but he made up for it with his physical antics. Rosumund was perfect and beautiful and Andrew's menace was delicious.

A good evening's entertainment.