19 July 2007

The Rose Tattoo by Tennessee Williams


Giuseppina - Katerina Jugati
Peppina - Stephanie Jacob
Violetta - Jules Melvin
Teresa - Marilyn Cutts
Mariella - Sadie Shimmin

Serafina delle Rose - Zoe Wanamaker
Rosa delle Rose - Susannah Fielding
Assunta - Maggie McCarthy
Estelle Hoehngarten - Sharon Bower
The Strega = Rosalind Knight
Father de Leo - Nicholas Chagrin
The Doctor - Gerard Monaco
Miss Yorke - Sheila Ballantine
Flora - Buffy Davis
Bessie - Sarah Annis
Jack Hunter - Andrew Langtree
A Girl - Rendah Heywood
A Man - Jonathan Bryan
The Salesman - Mac mcDonald
Alvaro Mangiacacllo - Darrell D'Silva
Also in the company - Marianne Morely

Bruno - Max Baldry/Bradley Ingram/ David Perkins
Salvatore - Sebastian Applewhite/Sam Lanchin/Marcus Lezard
Vivi - Lana Pitcher/Larissa Tasker/Janine Vieira

Directed by Steven Pimlott and Nicholas Hytner
Designed by Mark Thompson

Seen during it's run at the Olivier J 38

Celebs in the audience: Jack Davenport, Michelle Gomez, Maria Aitken & Patrick McGrath

I found the first act rather clunky and it didn't seem to warm up until after the interval when Alvaro enters. It then turned into something so farcical I could not recognise it as Williams. Rather jolly but not what I was expecting.