22 June 2007

Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre
(adapted by Tanya Ronder)

Betty Pam - Lorraine Bruce
Abdini/Mr Peyalo - Andrew Clark
Ella/Taylor - Mariah Gale
Lally - Mark Lockyer
Vernon - Colin Morgan
Sheriff Pokorney - Nathan Osgood
Vaine/Leona - Penny Layden/Sian Reeves
Mom - Joanna Scanlan
Lasalle - Ray Shell

Directed by Rufus Norris
Designed by Ian MacNeil

Seen during it's last week at the Young Vic

I really miserable premise brought to us with great humour and musical fun with great stage gimics put together on a shoestring, one presumes.

Colin Morgan will be worth watching when he fleshes out a bit. A touch of the Cillian about him but with apparently more humour and less doll-like. You have to keep an eye on someon who is working at both Young and Old Vics before he graduates.

Quite a fair review Here.