28 November 2007

War Horse based on Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Nick Stafford

Major Nicholls - Jamie Ballard
Swallow/Emilie - Alice Barclay
Chapman Carter/Rudi - Jason Barnett
Sergeant Bone/Colonel Strauss/Sergeant Fine - James Barriscale
Captain Stewart/Soldat Schmidt - Simon Bubb
Joey's Mother, a horse/Goose/Topthorn/Veterinary Officer Martin - Finn Caldwell
David Taylor/Soldat Schultz - Paul Chequer
Song Man - Tim Van Eyken
Young Joey/Topthorn = Thomas Goodridge
Joey's mother, a horse/Dr Schweyk/Coco, a horse/Geordie - Stephen Harper
Rose Narracott/Private Shaw - Thusitha Jayasundera
Veterinaray Officer Bright/Karl - Gareth Kennerley
Crow/Joey - Craig Leo
Young Joey/Emile - Rachel Leonard
Topthorn/Major Callaghan - Tim Lewis
Joey - Tommy Luther
Young Joey/Emile - Mervyn Millar
Paulette/Crow - Emily Mytton
Swallow/Joey/Crow - Toby Olie
Ted Narracott/Coca, a horse - Toby Sedgwick
Ned Warren/Heine, a horse - Ashley Taylor-Rhys
Albert Narracott - Luke Treadaway
Sergeant Thunder/Soldat Klebb - Howard Ward
Arthru Warrren/Soldat Manfred - Alan Williams
Heine, a horse/Ensemble - Matthew Woodyatt
Hauptman Friedrich Muller - Angus Wright

Directed by Marianne Elliot & Tom Morris
Designed by Rae Smith
Puppet Design & Fabrication - Basil Jones & Adrain Kohler for Handspring Puppet Company

Phew ! A fairy tale story about a farm boy in World War 1 but more about the forgotten animals in war. Some really lovely performances but the most credit goes to the horse puppeteers. They were so fluid and beautiful with such attention to detail.

A fun night out.