09 November 2007

Cloud Nine by Caryl Churchill

Clive/Cathy - James Fleet
Joshua/Gerry - Mark Letheren
Harry Bagley/Martin - Tobias Menzies
Betty/Edward - Bo Poraj
Maud/Victoria - Joanna Scanlan
Ellen/Mrs Saunders/Lin - Sophie Stanton
Edward/Betty - Nicola Walker

Directed by Thea Sharrock
Designed by Peter McKintosh

Seen during it's revival at the Almeida D9

Celebrity in the audience - Daniel Radcliffe??? but I could be wrong there

Joy of joys. Caryl's work can either excite me or confuse me and this happily falls into the former camp but further energised beyond my wildest dreams by Thea Sharrock's inspired direction. Wonderful performances given because they were so perfectly cast. I could happily see this again - time permitting. Seriously thinking about going to the last night.

..........didn't make the last night but I did get another chance on 7th December. Utterly wonderful again and as the run waltzed to the end the cast had a really naughty time.