14 November 2007

Statement of Regret by Kwame Kwei-Armah

Issi : Angel Coulby

Soby : Oscar James

Val : Trevor Laird

Michael Akinbola : Colin McFarlane

Idrissa Adebayo : Chu Omambala

Kwaku Mackenzie Jnr : Javone Prince

Adrian Mackenzie : Clifford Samuel

Lola Mackenzie : Ellen Thomas

Kwaku Mackenzie : Don Warrington

Director: Jeremy Herrin

Designer: Mike Britton

At the Cottesloe during it's premiere run

I stumbled upon the press night and the flash of a smile let me in. There was a good atmosphere in the audience for which the cast must always be grateful.

A complex piece from which you can take as little or as much as you please. Very efficient set design and good performances though a couple were a bit too large for me. I didn't really grasp the point of our central character changing his accent around so much. I thought it might have been that he was more West Indian when he was with his father or halucinating but that theory didn't hold up. Ellen Thomas stole the show a couple of times which pleased me.

Interesting. I wonder what the reviews will say.