08 November 2007

Rafta, Rafta by Ayub Khan-Din & Bill Naughton

Eeshwar Dutt - Harish Patel
Atul Dutt - Ronny Jhutti
Jai Dutt - Rudi Dharmalingam
Etash Tailor - Arsher Ali
Jibaj Bhatt - Simon Nagra
Lopa Dutt - Meera Syal
Lata Patel - Shaheen Khan
Vina Patel - Rokhsaneh Gwawam-Shahidi
Moly Bhatt - Natalie Grady
Laxman Patel - Kirss Dosanjh

Directed by Nicholas Hytner
Designed by Tim Hatley

Seen during it's long run at the Lyttelton Theatre G19

Celebrity in the audience - Stephen Frears

I suffered with a donkey braying woman behind me during this......and not even at appropriate moments. It looked good and would have had some really poignant points to make between the comic lines if I had the luxury of being able to hear it over the screeching behind. I am sure this is very clever. I have a vested interest because Bill Naughton was a client of my father's and visited us from time to time with his lovely wife.