13 December 2007

Swimming with Sharks by George Huang

Rex - Arthur Darvill
Guy - Matt Smith
Buddy Ackerman - Christian Slater
Mitzy - Elizabeth Croft
Dawn Lockard - Helen Baxendale
Cyrus - Jonathan Newth
Daniel Faruk - Fanos Xenofos
Jack - Mark Edel-Hunt

Directed by Wilsom Milam
Designed by Dick Bird

seen during Michael Lesslie's version at the Vaudeville Theatre .....ticket was H4 but I sat in D7

Hmmm. Well it was a matinee though I feel both audience and performers gave all they had but it wasn't enough. Something wasn't tight enough. The tension was not built up and it felt like they'd skipped 10 minutes of the text. Entertaining enough if you've not seen the film or if you like to see a couple of good young actors but not show to their best advantage.