21 November 2007

The Country Wife by William Wycherley

Horner - Toby Stephens
Quack - David Shaw-Parker
Boy - Derek Howard
Sir Jaspar Fidget - Nicholas Day
Lady Fidget - Patricia Hodge
Dainty Fidget - Lucy Tregear
Mrs Squeamish - Liz Crowther
Harcourt - John Hopkins
Dorilant - Tristran Beint
Sparkish - Jo Stone-Fewings
Pinchwife - David Haig
Mrs Margery Pinchwife - Fiona Glascott
Ms Alithea - Elisabeth Dermot Walsh
Lucy - Catherine Bailey
Old Lady Squeamish - Janet Brown

Directed by Jonathan Ken
Designer - Paul Brown

seen during it's run at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket R16

Celeb in the audience: Fern Britton & Philip Schofield

Glorious humour, inspired set design and wonderful performances from everyone. With the exception of the carrier bag fiddler near me, the audience were marvelous too.