10 June 2006

Southwark Fair by Samuel Adamson

May - Margaret Tyzack
Simon - Rory Kinnear
Aurek - Michael Legge
Alexander - Rhashan Stone
Angus - Simon Gleeson
Patrick - Con O'Neill
Toni - Madeleine Potter

Directed by Nicholas Hytner
Designed by Giles Cadle

Seen in it's first run at the Cottesloe

A very sharply written play with lots of elderly people in the auditorium over whose heads some of this must have sailed. So many contemporary references and even some of the visual gags seems to pass them by too.

Lovely performances from everyone except the rather wooden Rhashan Stone. Rory Kinnear who I last saw in Mary Stuart, was very special.

Essentially we see the same play twice from two different perspectives. So clever and wonderful character studies. It seems I still adore Con O'Neill. Even the unlikable characters are a joy.

A nervous man in his mid 30's is contantacted by his first sexual encounter who he met when he was doing a school play at the age of 14 (other guy was 20). A case of mistaken identity makes for an awkward situation and it's made worse by the 'polish' trainee barista/waiter having marital problems with his 'deputy major of London' partner. A joy.