20 June 2006

A Voyage Around My Father by John Mortimer

Father - Derek Jacobi
Son - Dominic Rowan
Mother - Joanna David
Iris/1st ATS - Kate Warren
Son/Child/Daniel - Edward Jackson Keen
Ringer/Rhong/Director/Mr Marrow - Neil Boorman
Japhet/First Judege/Sparks/2nd Judge - Jamie de Courcy
Matron/Miss Cox/2nd ATS/Miss Ferguson - Lily Bevan
Ham/Boustead/Arthur/George/Doctor- Osmonda Bullock
Mrs Noah/Miss Reigate/Miss Baker/Doris/Witness - Sadie Shimmin
Headmaster - Christopher Benjamin
Reigate/Jonathon - Piers ~Stubbs
Elisabeth - Natasha Little

Directed by Thea Sharrock
Designed by Robert Jones

in this production's first run at the Donmar

I have looked forward to this so much and was not let down. The performances are wonderful.

We watch a young boy's growth to a married man and the strong influence (intentioned or otherwise) that his father had on him during this course.

Even the children gave acceptable performances. An enthralling production from start to finish. Nigel Planer sat behind me but I didn't get into a Hogfather conversation:)

A funny incident in the bar: A couple were talking about previous shows they'd seen there and gushed the praise of Michael Gambon. The guy said he could have just stood there and said nothing and still be entertaining. I butted in to say that he was doing just that in Eh Joe at the Duke of Yorks for three weeks and they took some convincing :)