23 April 2009

You Can See The Hills by Matthew Dunster

Adam - William Ash

Directed by Matthew Dunster
Designed by Anna Fleischle

Seen on the first night of it's preview for it's current run at the Young Vic with unreserved seating in the lovely little studio. Spotted in the audience - Dominic Coleman (and with William in the bar afterwards)

I have waited so long and so patiently to see this and it did not disappoint in any way. I have been watching out for William Ash in the same way as I do Shaun Dooley and they have both filled me with great joy and admiration this spring.

This production started at the Manchester Royal Exchange and for some reason, was only given a week at the Young Vic when it was down here last year. The return is most welcome as it slid into my schedule seamlessly. I notice the Sound credit goes to Gerry Marsden. Is that THE same man?

The writing is so engaging and funny but I could not imagine anyone other than William bringing all these characters to an audience in such a tactile and involving way. He attended the same school as Matthew which must inform his understanding of the role.

Just read the reviews linked up there.

I am so pleased you can now find trailer's on-line. Such wonderful memories. I could see this again and again. That I saw it for the preview price of £10 seems almost too ridiculous, given that Messers Ash and Dunster have worked on this piece for so long.

......just in, Charles Spencer review.