23 April 2009

Paris Calling: Readings at the National Theatre
directed by Marianne Badrichani

Holy Land by Mohamed Kacimi, translated by Colin Teevan
A contemporary tragedy set in occupied territories

Yad - Sean Jackson
Imen - Chetna Pandya
Alia - Siobhan Redmond
Amin - Andrew Scott

This was a very funny but disturbing observation on the mental ravages of war.

The beginning of by Pascal Rambert, translated by Kate Moran
A meditation on the surprise of love

The Contacted - Caroline Garland
The Parisian with Arrow - Andrew Scott

I have a feeling this may have lost something in the translation. I was constantly aware of how interesting the french language would have been here - even with my schoolgirl knowledge. It was a bat and ball exploration and sadly Ms Garland was not up to the challenge and ill-matched with Andrew Scott. An ambitious and thought provoking piece. I would love to have see Gina McKee return to Paris Calling for this role.

Moi aussi, je suis Catherine Deneuve by Pierre Notte, translated by David Bradby
A dark comedy of dysfunctional family life

Marie - Caroline Garland
Genevieve - Chetna Pandya
Mother - Siobhan Redmond
Son - Andrew Scott

This was the most entertaining and well formed of the bunch. Perhaps I mean, more pleasing to an English audience but it had the care and observances I adored so much in The Bankrupt Man, with the same absurdities too. I would have preferred to see more of Andrew in this but it was important that his character was absent for the most of it.

Very frustated that I can't find my notes.