27 April 2009

Parlour Song by Jez Butterworth

Amanda Drew - Joy
Toby Jones - Ned
Andrew Lincoln - Dale

Directed by Ian Rickson
Designed by Jeremy Herbert

Seen at the Almeida during it's first run in this country. We booked our usual seats, slightly to the side & just a bit cheaper but as has happened before, the lovely staff urged us to grab one of the few empty seats in the centre section. You have to love these people.

This is one of those productions I could happily see over and over again. It's interesting, thought provoking and hilarious. The performances are wonderful with Toby Jones very nearly stealing the show but for the equally strong performances from Andrew and Amanda.

The post show talk was marvelous and it's so nice to see Mr Rickson again.
The Almeida website does most of the work and I can hardly disagree with any of the quotes they have gleaned from the reviews. Be sure to listen to the podcast.