25 March 2009

A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

Louis - Antonio Magro
Mike - Enzo Squillino Jr
Alfieri - Allan Corduner
Eddie - Ken Stott
Cathering - Hayley Atwell
Beatrice - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Marco - Gerard Monaco
Tony/Mr Lipari - John Moriatis
Rodolpho - Harry Lloyd
First Immigration Officer/Neighbour - Jonathan Janes
Second Immigration Officer/Neighbour - Philips Desmeules
Mrs Lipari - Julia Barrie
Submarine/Neighbour - Peter Basham
Neighbour - Abby Forknall

Directed by Lindsay Posner
Designed by Christopher Dram

Seen on a half price ticket in the middle of the stalls at the lovely little Duke of York's theatre on a shower dodging matinee. Too enthralled to notice any celebs in the audience
I've decided it might be fun to include Spark Notes in here from now on.
As I began to walk up St Martin's Lane I saw an almost impenetrable sea of school uniform that filled me with dread. The entrance was completely blocked by them because nowadays it is impossible to control them, I suppose. They seemed well behaved but just a little mindless. In the event, they must have mostly been in the upper galleries and it turned out to be a great audience with standing ovations and almost bemused smiles from the cast.

Accents sounded OK to my ear for the most part. Incredible performances from all and wonderfully staged. The set was simple and complicated at the same time. The lighting design deserves a note here. Allan's scenes were very noir which was visually satisfying and wonderfully practical for set dressing etc. The whole thing worked beautifully.

Some of the kids and even a few adults were genuinely shocked at the kissing which I found amusing and I don't think they got any of Eddie's innuendo (and I use that word in hindsight because it didn't even seem that oblique to me).. Harry's hair was frankly ridiculous but I know how horrid hair goes when it's in need of a fresh bit of blond dye! If I'm honest, it should have been a wig........or a blond actor. Harry was perfectly cast though.

This must be why there were so many kids! This is AA Gill's piece and the Billington is here.