11 March 2009

The Uncertainty Of The Situation (Die Unsicherheit der Sachlage)
translated by Rachael McGill

Man/Man2/Policeman - Daniel Cerqueira
Jenny/Jules/Coffee Girl/Prostitute - Katherine Parkinson
Jan 2 - Jeff Rawle
Bjorn - Paul Ready
Jan - Andrew Scott
Robert/Editor - Samuel West

directed by Lyndsey Turner

Dumped by his girlfriend and abandoned by his friends, Jan finds himself on the streets, a witness to the extraordinary, terrible events unfolding in the city around him - events for which he starts to consider himself responsible.

Philipp Loehle's work has been produced by many of the German-speaking world's leading theatres. He took part in the Royal Court International Residency in 2008.

How good can life get when you get to see Andrew Scott giving a rehearsed reading twice in the space of seven days? On the face of it, two very different roles but ultimately, they have their cross-overs - certainly in the premise of the piece. Much better than the previous Off The Wall offering. Wonderful tea-time fayre.