10 March 2009

A Miracle by Molly Davies

Val - Sorcha Cusack
Rob - Gerard Horan
Amy - Kate O'Flynn
Gary - Russell Tovey

Director Lyndsey Turner
Designer Patrick Burnier

Seen upstairs at the Royal Court as part of their young writer's festival.

Take one baby and a mother who's not sure if she's ready. Add a soldier returned from war and a grandmother holding the fort. Mix in a landscape of flatness and a pinch of violence in the countryside and maybe, just maybe, you'll get a miracle.

A play about wanting a better life.

Wonderful piece of writing by a depressingly young woman with a glorious career ahead of her. Fortunately, her skill afforded her the use of a good director and wonderful cast which made this evening a complete joy. Happily, we chose seats that were comfortably far enough away from the sex scene.

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