07 May 2008

Tinderbox by Lucy Kirkwood

John/John Junior Junior/ Dixon - Nigel Betts
Perchik - Bryan Dick
Saul - Jamie Foreman
John Junior/ Dixon/ Detective Prawn - Sartaj Garewal
Vanessa - Sheridan Smith

directed by Josie Rourke
designed by Lucy Osborne
Unreserved seating in the newly benched Bush Theatre.

I really enjoyed the performances but the structure of the play seemed messy to me. There were lame verbal jokes that fell dead and the ones that worked were more visual and down to the good acting. It became repulsive and silly and didn't seem to know i it wanted to be a social statement or a farce. I am sure the two CAN work together but this needs a bit more fine tuning.

The new seats are high as reported elsewhere but I didn't mind that. I'd rather have room to extend my leg than have to sit sideways.