31 May 2008

Harper Regan by Simon Stephens

Harper Regan - Lesley Sharp
Elwood Barnes - Michael Mears
Tobias RIch - Troy Glasgow
Seth Regan - Nick Sidi
Sarah Regan - Jessica Raine
Justine Ross - Jessica Harris
Mickey Nestor - Jack Deam
James Fortune - Brian Capron
Alison Woolley - Susan Brown
Duncan Woolley - Eamon Boland
Mahesh Aslam - Nitin Kundra

Directed by Marianne Elliott
Designed by Hildegard Bechtler
Seen at the Cottesloe during it's world premiere run on a standby ticket in F31
Actress in the audience name escapes me for now.
The choreography of this set is an example of my conviction that it was the chippies that let down Ms Bechtler's set at the Almeida. This was pure, simple, effective and poetic in itself.The production has a great deal to say and Harper takes an odd journey that I am still trying to piece together. All the performers were giving everything they had with wonderful little cameos as she wandered through her personal trauma.