08 May 2008

The City by Martin Crimp

Chris - Benedict Cumberbatch
Claire - Hattie Morahan
Jenny - Amanda Hale
Girl - Matilda Castrey

Directed by Katie Mitchell
Designed by Vicky Mortimer

In it's premier run at the Royal Court Downstairs in C8.
I didn't see anyone in I knew in the audience.

The WOS roundup gives a few mixed feelings and reservations. I have the impression that the production has moved on since the Press Night and I say that because of comments made during the post show talk.

I could quite easily see this again. I love ALL of the performances including the girl playing the 8 year old daughter. My companion noted that it was a different girl for the press night so one can only wonder if Ruby Douglas is even better than Matilda (who I saw).

This is a complicated play that twists around in a way simliar to Bliss but the lines and change in balance are slightly more clearly defined. I shall read the text and see if I can survive without seeing it again.

Young Matilda also made a delightful, crowd pleasing contribution to the post show talk......and Mr Crimp allowed us to believe he bared his soul....a tiny bit.