15 May 2008

Hello & Goodbye by Athol Fugard

Hester - Saskia Reeves
Rafe Spall - Johnny

Directed by Paul Robinson
Designed by Libby Watson

Seen by the skin of my teeth in the last week of the run B 21 of the tiny Trafalgar 2.
No celeb in the audience but I think we had the producer and her Mum & Dad. Bless

I've stood next to Rafe often enough to have a feel for his height and had no idea that Saskia was QUITE so tiny. She hardly reached is shoulder in her back-combed 60's hairdo. What I would have given to have seen her Beatrice with Matthew Macfadyen's Benedick towering over her all those years ago. She still looks stunning and so powerful.
Rafe was amazing. They both were. The accent wandered a little and in some ways, it might have been better to modify the script for England but there is an element that was peculiar to SA in the 60's so perhaps not.

This was a really juicy piece for them to get their teeth into. I felt there was probably one set piece too many and the 'don't wake up Dad' thing was wearing since it was obvious rather early on that there was no Dad to wake.

An interesting afternoon and worth it just to see the performances.