19 June 2007

Betrayal by Harold Pinter

Jerry - Toby Stephens
Emma - Dervla Kirwan
Robert - Samuel West
Waiter - Paul Di Rollo

Directed by Roger Michell
Designed by William Dudley

At the Donmar sneaking in on a return C8

It doesn't seem so long since I saw Aiden Gillen do this with Hugo Speer. It's a staggering piece of writing and it's hard to tire of it but this version seems so incredibley fresh as though I saw it with new eyes. Roger Michell is so busy that he could not attend the after show talk tonight and Toby dashed home to his newborn but I found the convo with everyone else very interesting. Sam put his directing hat on for a while and posed various intersting questions. He also mentioned that he'd discussed the play with Doug Hodge which made me smile. One of the points they were making is that the non-linear element of the play gave them a freedom to actually express their characters in a more realistic way. Rather poignantly it seems Doug Hodge had said to Sam something like it was so much more true to life because he never realises what he's lost until about five years after he looses it.

The staging was beautiful - simple and fluid. It all worked so well. Every performance was totally on the ball, beautifully balanced and the timing was hilarious and moving all at once.

A fantastic evening for me.

Celeb in the audience: Paul Copely