12 June 2007

A Matter of Life and Death by Powell & Pressburger, adapted by Tom Morris & Emma Rice

Peter - Tristan Sturrock
June - Lindsey Marshal
Bob - Craig Johnson
Girl - Debbie Korley
Frank - Douglas Hodge
Dr McEwan - Andy Williams
Mr Archer - Chike Okonkwo
Harold - Mike Shepherd
Boy - Dan Canham
Woman - Dorothy Atkinson
Nurses - Fiona Chivers, Meryl Fernandes, Lorraine Stewart, Lissie WInkler, Kirsty Woodward
Injured Soldiers/Airmen - Jamie Bradley, Thomas Goodridge, Pieter Lawman, Robert Luckay
Conductor 71 - Gisli Orn Gardarsson
Chief Recorder - Tamzin Griffin
First Prosecutor - Stuart McLoughlin
Ensemble Musicians - Stu Barker, Pete Judge, Dominic Lawton, Alex Vann, Michael VInce

Directed by Emma Rice
Designed by Bill Mitchell
Special mention for Jon Driscoll and his amazing projections

Seen during it's opening run at the Olivier. F 30

Wonderful production. How many times have you seen the film? Can it be bettered? Maybe not, but this is a different medium and the film was always immensely theatrical. Why a musical.........same reason....begging for it.

Douglas Hodge was so wonderful. I thought I would have to wait a while before seeing him but rather than twiddle his thumbs back-stage he loitered on stage with the musicians and turned his extensive musical talents to good use until his character had a proper entrance. He was made for the role. I am pleased that Tristan is making his mark here too.

Glorious set effects, standing ovations........and all this at £ 10 for a best seat. I love my life

Celeb in the Audience: Mark Rylance