10 April 2007

Landscape with a Weapon by Joe Penhall

Dan - Julian Rhind-Tutt
Ned - Tom Hollander
Ross - Pippa Haywood
Brooks - Jason Watkins

Directed by Roger Michell
Designed by William Dudley

seen in it's premiere run at the Cottesloe HH 29

Joe Penhall always has something to say and is very articulate. He sees the funny side of bitter sweet situations and Tom's casting was so incredibly well considered. I must say I was very sad when Joe dropped out of The Last King of Scotland but that's another story.

Tom and Julian are wonderful together.....Tom the strongest. His physical appearance makes the vulnerable, socialy awkward part of the character easy to communicate. The cast list shows Julian at the top because he is first to speak but Tom is wandering around on stage for what seemed like 5 minutes before Julian speaks (via the intercom of his flat). It's very funnny but I do agree that it has holes. At the time I thought I'd seen it too soon in the run and it still needed to be in front of audiences a while longer. It only has a relatively short run for something in rep and there is a big part of me that would love to see it again. I notice some blogs are raving about it and I can see why.

I actually didn't like the staging of it very much. I would normally have liked it but I don't think it leant it self to the text and I think it might have been done like that simply to ring the changes rather than to serve the actual piece.

I want to write more but I can't focus at the moment.

Tom was amazing. I can't stress that more.