04 April 2007

The Lady from Dubuque by Edward Albee

Lucinda - Vivienne Benesch
Sam - Robert Sella
Jo - Catherine McCormack
Fred - Cen Fleshler
Edgar - Chris Larkin
Carol - Jennifer Regan
Oscar - Peter Francis James
Elizabeth - Maggie Smith

Directed by Anthony Page
Designed by Hildegard Bechtler

seen fairly near the start of the run at the Theatre Royal Haymarket - J2

Celeb in the audience: There was a grand old dame of the theatre whose name would not come to mind. That's it.

I think I read that this didn't go down to well when first producted and I think I can see why. It seemed to be much more of our time. Very slick writing charting a dying woman's decent into her everlasting abyss. The pain and the fear manifesting as honesty and anger from all those around her. Fascinating study of the human condition and wonderful cast, in the main.