28 December 2006

Love Song by John Kolvenbach

Cillian Murphy - Beane
Romy Tennant - Joan
Michael McKean - Harry
Neve Campbell - Molly
James Scales - Waiter

Directed by John Crowley
Designed by Scott Pask

Seen at the beginning of it's premiere run at the New Ambassadors Theatre

Really interesting piece. Is Beane schizophrenic? I don't think so but he enjoys the company of his alter ego or is he just lonely?

This could have been a really dull exploration of the self but it is interspersed with such contrastingly witty interludes that there is hardly time to absorb the more contemplative elements.

Two main settings - Harry & Joan's living room. Beane's bedsit into which he invites (envokes the spirit of?) Molly. Something isn't quite right with Beane and his sister & her husband try to support and solve. His journey is totally different but they notice that while he has 'his imaginary friend' he is happier and more socially acceptable.

So much to think about. I loved the performances with Neve being the weakest. That said, her role is quite a difficult one to get across without seeming too well considered. Cillian is always easier to stomach when he is tousled and bearded. He is always sensitive but also brought a bit of rare manliness to the character which I often have trouble finding when he's all prettied up. Seems like a very nervous, jumpy soul. Reminded me of Ben Whishaw........