30 December 2006

Don Juan in Soho
by Patrick Marber after Moliere

Stan - Steven Wight
Colm - Richard Flood
DJ - Ryhs Ifans
Elvira - Laura Pyper
Peter/Vagabond - Abdul Salis
Lottie/Ruby - Seroca Davis
Mattie/Dalia - Jessica Brooks
Aloysius - Chris Corrigan
Charles - Tim Eagle
Lous - David Ryall

Director - Michael Grandage
Designer - Christopher Gram

As seen in it's premiere run at the Donmar Warehouse

I should know better than to write this while listening to the Best of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue but here goes......

Everything you would expect from Patrick Marber and then some. Every line, every concept a gem and thankfully supported by a magnificent cast. Stephen Wight is one youngster to watch out for in the future. Rhys was glorious. How can a man appear wonderfully camp and yet strangely sexy to me, I do not know?

Sadly, I don't see credit given to the statue which was always a scene stealer - including the curtain call.

Celeb in the audience : Megan Dodds, Ben Chaplin?