14 December 2006

The Lightning Play by Charlotte Jones

Max Villiers - Matthew Marsh
Eddie Fox - Lloyed Hutchinson
Harriet Villiers - Eleanor David
Jacklyn Pettit - Adie Allen
Imogen Cumberbatch - Katherine Parkinson
Burak - Simon Kassianides
Marcus Cumberbatch - Orlanda Seale
Tabby Morris - Christina Cole

Directed by Anna Mackmin
Designed by Lez Brotherston

in it's premiere run at the Almeida

I had the weird feeling I'd seen this before when this started..............and the 'twist' at the end was also no shock to me. I know I saw this plotline recently and it is bugging me to think where.

That said it's a very entertaining piece of writing and in the main, very well presented and performed. Highly recommended.