12 December 2006

Catch by April de Angelis, Stella, Feehily, Tanika Gupta, Chloe Moss, Laura Wade

Andrea/Carol - Lucy Briers
Dean/Graham - Alexi Kaye Campbell
Maya - Kathryn Drysdale
Fatima/Jade - Farzana Dua Elahe
Ree - RIccie Mcleod
Claire - Tanya Moodie
DN - Kyle Summercorn
Casey - Niamh Webb

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in it's premiere at the Jerwood Upstairs

Some of this was so good and some of it was weak. Some of the performances were wonderful and some were terrible. Tanya Moodie did not seem to be aware that she was in a tiny space and she was really irritating. Alexi was gorgeous and a couple of the youngsters were great especially Kathryn Drysdale.. Lucy Briers was good but she had a good bit of script.