03 March 2010

Six Degrees of Separation by John Guare

Ouisa - Miriam Lucia
Flan - Anthony Head
Geoffrey - Ian Redford
Paul - Obi Abili
Doorman/DrFine - Stephen Greif
Hustler/Policeman - Kevin Kiely
Kitty - Sara Stewart
Larkin - Steven Pacey
Detective - John Moriatis
Tess - Zoe Boyle
Woody - Paul Stocker
Ben - Michael Goldsmith
Doug - Ilan Goodman
Trent - Kevin Trainor
Rick - Luke Neal
Elizabeth - Sarah Goldberg

Directed by David Grindley
Designed by Jonathan Fensom

Seen toward the end of it's run at the Old Vic for zippo - absolutely no money exchanging hands here save the bus fare.

It would be rude of me to be ungrateful for a free ticket and I am certainly not that person but I can see why they wanted to put any old flabby bum on a seat.

This is the kind of production that really benefits from a complete lack of pre-cognition. I enjoyed the film and found myself deconstructing scenes when I should have been letting it just flow around me. The performance were beautifully crafted and the set was sympathetic. For some reason, I gave my mind the luxury of wandering a bit too often but it passed the time and I wasn't itching to leave.