02 March 2010

London Assurance by Dion Boucicault

Cool, a valet - Nick Sampson
Martin, a manservant - Richard Frame
Charles Courtly - Paul Ready
Richard Dazzle - Matt Cross
Sir Harcourt Courtly, Bart - SImon Russell Beale
Squire Max Harkaway - Mark Addy
Pert - Maggie Service
James - Simon Markey
Grace Harkaway - Michelle Terry
Mark Meddle - Tony Jayawardena
Lady Gay Spanker - Fiona Shaw
Mr Adolphus Spanker - Richard Briers
Mr Solomon Isaacs - Junix Inocian
Servants - Mark Extance, Prasanna Puwanarajah
Doctor's Daughters - Fiona Drummond, Laura Matthews

Directed by Nicholas Hytner and designed by Mark Thomspon.

Seen on it's first night of preview, I believe in the the glorious chapel of mirth that is called the Olivier Theatre. Mark Lawson was apparently in the audience though I didn't see him.

A quick glance a the character names pretty much gives you the plot but the execution is all in a production like this. Despite seeing this right at the start of the run, it romped onto the stage in a state of perfection that no doubt enabled the team to luxuriate in the pleasure of fiddling with each subsequent show for their own enjoyment.

If you can't get to London, catch it in a cinema somewhere on 28th June 2010 where it will be broadcast live.