27 March 2010

Ghost Stories by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman

Mike Priddle - Nicholas Burns
Tony Matthew - David Cardy
Simon Rifkind - Ryan Guage
Professor Philip Goodman - Andy Nyman
plus whoever it was that plays the asthmatic boy that's not listed in the programme.

Directed by Jeremy Dyson, Sean Holmes & Andy Nyman
Designed by Jon Bausor

Seen regrettably too near too the end of it's run at the Lyric, Hammersmith in J5
I didn't spot any celebrities in the audience but was reunited with some long lost friends which felt even better

Just like The Mousetrap, the producers ask that not too much of the plot is revealed so that others may enjoy the full impact.

Sadly, much of the tension for this production is provided by unnecessarily loud noises surprising the audience from what is quite possibly the worst sound system I have ever had to endure in a theatre that charges for entry. I wish I'd seen this earlier in the run before the hype started because I expected too much of it. It had my three most detested ingredients - a noxious (and gimickly unnecessary) smell, bright lights persistently shone in one's face and noise that was intrusively distorted and painful. I ran out of digits to hold my nose, plug my ears and shield my eyes at one point.

That's all the negative stuff dealt with. I'm well aware that most of my gripes are personal to me and should not dissuade anyone else from seeing the show. The script, performances and set design were outstanding. Am I crossing a line if I say that this had me level pegging with the plot in every way that Shutter Island didn't? This is experiential theatre at it's best. The audience are silly, noisy and collaborative.

I wouldn't often bother to mention the programme but it's a treasure trove of dip-into delight, as is the website.

This deserves all the success it has enjoyed. If they can at least install a sound system that can cope with the volumes used, I would happily see it again..........but this time I'd wear a costume. It's a cult night out in the making. Drag your friends along.

I can't wait for the 10 year anniversary production.